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A review of the Mashpi Lodge from one of our guests


Mashpi. What do you say, when words aren’t enough to describe your feelings and experiences. That is Mashpi. Breathtaking.

We have travelled many places, seen many things, and had some amazing holidays, but nothing touches me in quite the same way as the rain and cloud forests and we will take with us the most wonderful memories. Our guide, Fernando Arias, played no small part in all of this in Mashpi. He saw with the eye what we struggled to see with binoculars! His knowledge of the forest and the incredible ‘finds’ (tiniest of frogs, insects, birds, lizards…….) were beyond belief or imagination. He taught us so much and, along with his cheeky and dry sense of humour, made our time extra special. He also had belief in our abilities – a number of his colleagues doubted we could achieve some of the walks we did, so we could have missed out on some spectacular experiences. We couldn’t have asked for more and we learned so much about the forest and our surroundings. He was no mean hand at taking photos with my iPad either.

We soared into and above the tree canopy, both by sky bike riding and sky gondola, walked a good distance through the forest, climbed down to waterfalls and back, waded along creeks, visited the butterfly observation centre, went to the humming bird ‘station’, where we experienced the most beautiful, iridescent displays as they ‘whooshed’ by us to the feeders, and did a night walk where Fernando proved his vision at night was as good as in the daylight. An incredible and worthwhile experience. Definitely not cheap but it is an exceptional place. Would avoid bank holidays as the atmosphere changes in the hotel when there is an influx of families from Quito, but the grounds are sufficiently large enough to enable you to enjoy your own personal experience in the forest. Another Oscar winning trip organised by David Horwell of Select Latin America U.K.

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Cloud Forest Camera Trap

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Photos courtesy: Carlos Morochz (Scientist at Mashpi Reserve)

During my recent visit to Mashpi Lodge in the cloud forests of Ecuador I had the pleasure of meeting the resident scientist Carlos who showed me how the camera traps work. These are automatically triggered by animal movement or at night by heat. Surprisingly just a couple of hundred metres from the lodge was clear evidence of visits by pumas, ocelots and other large mammals which are almost impossible to see in the day time. the presence of big cats and their prey is a clear indicator that the surrounding primary forest are in a very good state in deed. Cloud forests are one of the richest areas of biological diversity on the planet and Mashpi Reserve is part of the Chocó region known for its unique species.

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