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"Each excursion was a true adventure and more than fulfilled our expectations and hopes"

N Kim & I Gutierrez

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  • Part of our job is to hunt for new destinations and authentic experiences

    Experiences - off the beaten track


Constantly searching for new destinations?

No one really wants to be a tourist, and although some of the sites throughout Latin America are popular for a reason (just walk through the Sun Gate with views of Machu Picchu at dawn and you’ll know why) but there’s also so much of this vast region that’s still undiscovered.

Just as we think we know a country inside out, another part begins to open up offering a completely new side to it. Part of our job is to hunt for new destinations and new ways of giving our clients authentic experiences in Latin America. With our people on the ground and our extensive knowledge we can do this in comfort and safety using our expert local guides.

For example, as we write this, parts of Panama are opening up as one of the best destinations to visit. Areas which were recently inaccessible, like the Darien Gap, are now starting to welcome travellers who want to experience local indigenous cultures and unspoilt landscapes. Keep an eye on our blog and newsletter for more info.

When designing a tour, we thoroughly discuss what our clients are looking for and suggest new and exciting parts of the region that would suit the brief.

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