WHEN TO GO: January

Costa Rica

Who's a pretty birdie?

The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica becomes a wonderland for birds with has huge concentrations of Herons, ducks, spoonbills and other water birds. Many birds come here to escape the winters further north and you can see such species as the black-bellied whistling duck, the blue-winged teal and northern jacana.

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All that Jazz!

Panama Jazz Festival runs for five days each year in various locations throughout Panama City including at the Plaza de La Catedral in the historic old town and features artists such as Tito Puente Jr and Omara Portuondo. As well as concerts every night every artist that comes to the festival has a master class, where students can come and learn a little more

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Monarch butterflies

Witness one of the world’s most astounding natural events, up to 300 million monarch butterflies make the challenging journey from the U.S. and Canada to the previously mysterious breeding grounds now known to be the volcanic mountains of central Mexico. Just take a short trip from Mexico City to this UNESCO World Heritage site and your senses can be filled with the sight of clouds of orange and the soft beating of millions of wings.

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