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Waved Albatross Espnola Island

Apr 17 2023

Albatross Breeding Season Comes to Galapagos

The albatross breeding season has started. The waved albatross is the largest species of bird in the Galapagos Islands. They […]

Feb 17 2023


This time of year is ideal to dream about places to go in 2023 or beyond. Here is our list […]

Dec 30 2022

What animals will I see in the Galapagos?

The Galapagos Islands are probably the best place to get up close to wildlife in the world. It’s isolation from […]
galapagos islands

Mar 20 2022

12 Practical Tips to Visiting the Galápagos Islands

  After 40 years of travel to the Galápagos, going back the islands still give me goose bumps. Today boats […]
Bartolome Island

Apr 15 2021

Galápagos Islands Latest News

Smugglers caught with 185 baby tortoises Expansion of the Marine Reserve The marine reserve is home to More than 2,900 […]

Jun 30 2019

Galapagos is going Luxury

Tourism is evolving: When I first sailed around Galapagos 40 years ago. Our small yacht had no refrigerator, no hot […]
Floreana island galapagos flamingos

Oct 29 2018

Autumn in Galapagos Islands

I recently returned to the Galapagos for a wonderful week’s cruise. I was a bit worried that October is not […]

Aug 15 2018


Every month is a wildlife delight in the Galapagos Islands, and the northern summer months are no exception. The giant […]

Feb 27 2018

Latin America’s top football teams

The beautiful game is by far the biggest sport in Latin America, nearing an obsession for many. Even if you’re […]

Feb 27 2018

Where to watch Latin America’s famously melting sunset

  Who doesn’t like a good sunset? One of life’s great joys is watching the melting ball of orange light […]
Galapagos Mockingbird

Feb 23 2018

Select Latin America joins up with Galapagos Conservation Trust

We are happy to have renewed a partnership with the Galapagos Conservation Trust. This non-profit organization raises money to help […]

Oct 6 2017

Videos of the most magnificent birds in Latin America

Latin America has the most diverse range of avifauna on earth. More than 3,000 different species of birdlife can be […]

Oct 4 2017

A typical day in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos archipelago lies off the Ecuadorian mainland and is home to some of the most fascinating wildlife on the […]

Mar 3 2017

Lonesome George returns home

Almost five years after the death of Lonesome George, the last Pinta tortoise has returned back home to the Galapagos […]

Sep 19 2016

25 random but interesting facts about Latin America you probably didn’t know

Angel Falls in Venezuela is one of the largest waterfalls in the world with a height of almost 1 kilometre. […]
Nemo deck life

Jul 16 2016

8 incredible things you’ll do on a cruise in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is arguably one of the finest wildlife spots in the world. With a high proportion of endemic […]

Mar 26 2016

The best drone footage of Latin America

Aerial footage from drones is fast becoming the most creative way to make short travel films. Capturing Latin America’s diverse […]

Nov 19 2015

50% off selected Galapagos cruise departues

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Galapagos, now’s the time to visit. We’ve got a massive 2 for 1 […]
Galapagos giant tortoise

Nov 5 2015

New Species of Tortoise Found on the Galapagos

Until recently it was thought that the giant tortoise was the same species on Santa Cruz island, but after testing, […]

Oct 19 2015

Best Birding Locations in Central & South America

Latin America is simply one of the best continents for birding on earth. In total there are over 3,000 species […]

Aug 3 2015

Meet us at the Birdfair

We are pleased to announce Select Latin America will be having a stand at the Birdfair taking place at Rutland […]
Saddleback tortoise Galapagos

Jul 29 2015

The Galapagos needs your help!

In June the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI) along with the Galapagos National Park Directorate (GNPD) released 201 Española tortoises […]

Jul 28 2015

The 20 Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Latin America

Best for Birding Name – Atlantic Forest Reserves Country – Brazil Date of inscription – 1999 Why it’s the best […]

May 29 2015

Just another reason to visit the Galapagos right now If you haven’t already heard, a volcanic eruption is happening right now on Isabela, a large westerly island in […]
Galapagos Gardner Bay

May 13 2015

8 Best Beaches In Latin America

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Flickr/Daniel Amariles Best city beach. Sancho Beach, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Flickr/Jorge Pindorama Best […]
Torres del Paine

Apr 7 2015

Our 20 favourite places in Latin America

Latin America is a culturally and geographically diverse place. Here’s 20 places (in no particular order) you absolutely have to […]

Mar 24 2015

South America Flag Map

by thedavefoster. This map shows the flags of South America laid out on a map of the continent, leading viewers […]

Mar 12 2015

8 Landscapes In The Galapagos You Never New Exsisted

1. The red beaches of Rabida Island The island of Rabida (also known as Jervis) has bright red beaches created […]

Jan 15 2015

Preserving Lonesome George [VID]

This fascinating documentary takes you through the taxidermy process of Lomesome George, the last known Pinta Island Tortoise, at the American […]

Nov 20 2014

12 Classic Films Set In Latin America You Have To Watch At Least Once

1. Diarios De Motocicleta  / The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) The Motorcycle Diaries follows the account of the young Che Guevara […]

Nov 19 2014

This Is Why You Should Go To The Galapagos [VID]

For more information about the Galapagos visit here. RELATED: A typical day in the Galapagos Islands

Aug 28 2014

18 bird species you won’t find anywhere but the Galapagos

Galapagos is a bird-watchers paradise. From the misty slopes of the Andes, the tropical coast, mighty Amazon and Galapagos archipelago […]

Aug 11 2014

We have launched our new brochure. Get it hot off the press

We are pleased to announce the publication of new brochure. This beautiful 96 page full colour booklet is packed full […]
Galapagos Santiago & North crab

Jul 23 2014

Take a journey around the Galapagos islands on this map

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Jul 21 2014

The Galapagos Affair – Satan Came to Eden

Most of the visitors who have the good fortune to visit the ‘enchanted islands’ of the Galapagos archipelago know precious […]
Galapagos Marine Iguanas

Jun 20 2014

20 Quotes from Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was the first person to really put the Galapagos Islands on the map with his descriptions in The […]

Apr 1 2014

All you need is Ecuador

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Nov 19 2013

Galapagos Tortoise web-cam

An exciting new way of seeing the famous Galapagos Islands tortoises has been launched. Web-cams at the research centre on […]

Sep 30 2013

Galapagos hits the big screen

Though Galapagos is well know by scientists and tourists for the unique wildlife and unusual scenery, the archipelago is now […]

Sep 24 2013

Is Google Street View in Galapagos a Good Thing?

So Google now is taking us remotely to the far flung places of the planet. The web behemoth has sent […]

Sep 7 2013

Preserve Protect and Restore Galapagos

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May 31 2013

Galapagos Safari Camp

Whilst visiting the highlands of the main island of Santa Cruz I took the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Safari […]

May 31 2013

Waved Albatross Courtship display Every April almost the entire adult population of the waved albatross return to Española (Hood Island), Galapagos in order […]

May 31 2013

Snorkelling with sharks in the Galapagos On my recent visit to the Galapagos Islands aboard the Letty, I was excited to have the opportunity to […]

Apr 27 2013


Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis is a photographic exploration of the World’s wilderness areas. The photographer spent eight years spent travelling the […]

Apr 19 2013

Lonesome George’s body is moved to New York to be embalmed

The remains of the body of the giant tortoise ‘Lonesome George’ from the Galapagos Islands has been transferred to the […]

Feb 28 2013

Swimming with Manta Rays

One of the most memorable moments of my life was snorkelling in the Galapagos Islands and getting close to a […]

Feb 23 2013

Our David meets Sir David Attenborough

This month’s celebrity photo shows our director and ‘Mr Galápagos’ David Horwell meeting his hero David Attenborough. This was at […]

Feb 23 2013

Galápagos Wildlife, Fourth Edition, Bradt Travel Guides

  The Galápagos Islands have an almost legendary status among biologists, wildlife enthusiasts and adventurous travellers alike. At over 1,000km […]

Feb 1 2013

Darwin’s Birds

Plates from the Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Beagle (1832 – 1836). These are illustrations by John Gould published […]

Jan 31 2013

Cruising the Galapagos Islands

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Jan 28 2013

Lonesome George: ‘was not the last of his kind’

When Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island giant tortoise, died in June in the Galapagos, the world mourned the demise […]

Dec 5 2012

Galapagos in 3D

Sir David Attenborough’s new 3D series on the Galapagos Islands has been confirmed as part of Sky’s Christmas schedules. Galapagos […]

Oct 25 2012

Family travel to the Galapagos

As we recently mentioned Brad and Angelina travelled with their brood to Galapagos this has resulted in growth in interest […]

Oct 1 2012

Mysterious Whale sharks

Scientists have launched an investigation to unravel the mysteries surrounding the whale shark, a giant species that has been in […]

Jun 25 2012

goodbye lonesome george

We were sorry to hear the sad death of Lonesome George on 24 June, 2012. The Galapagos National Park ranger […]

Jun 8 2012

Darwin’s Finch, using a tool

On our recent May group tour to the Galapagos Islands we were excited to observe the Woodpecker finch in action […]
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