Señor del Gran Poder

Thousands of dancers in colourful costumes hit the streets of La Paz and dance in a procession through the centre of the city. The festival centres around the devotion to Christ as the second person in the Holy Trinity. The event starting in the 1930s with just a few dancers and has now grown to be La Paz’s largest annual street party.

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Dance of the Albatross

The waved albatross, the largest sea bird in the Galapagos arrives back from their annual holiday around the Pacific Ocean to get down to the serious business of breeding. During this time, pairs meet up and display with an elaborate courtship dance involving much wing flapping, bill clacking and sky-pointing. The product is a large single egg which is placed directly on the rocky surface and guarded by both the mother and father in turn.

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Fiesta de la Cruz

During this festival, crosses are decorated by local communities and then used to lead a procession along to neighbouring churches. The fiesta features folk music and dance, including “scissors dancers,” Even to this day festival-goers take on daring feats. The best places to visit are Lima and Cuzco between the 2nd and 3rd of May. We suggest you to combine the festival with a visit to the desert oasis of Huacachina and then onto to Nazca to fly over the mysterious lines.

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