Costa Rica

Bird migration

September is in the middle of the migrating season when you can see hundreds of thousands of birds of prey such as hawks and buzzards passing over Central America on their way South. Panama is ideally placed with a narrow watershed between the Atlantic and Pacific that makes it a bird-watcher’s dream.

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All aboard!

Contestants from all over the world come to Iquitos in the Amazon to compete in this race whereby the build their own raft and over 5 days make their way down the Amazon if you don’t trust your raft building skills it’s still an exciting race to watch. The race brings you into this amazing natural environment from where you can explore the habitat of a host of wildlife.

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Mother's day

The Yamor festivities are the result of Otavalo’s multi-cultural population: indigenous peoples thank Allpa mama (Mother Earth) for the maize harvest, at the same time that the mestizo culture pays tribute to the Monserrat patron Virgin of Otavalo. The celebrations take place during the first days of September. No visit to South America is complete without collecting a souvenir or several and Otavalo has one of the largest and varied markets on the continent, there are also great opportunities to explore the highland by foot viewing glorious scenery.

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