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Feb 17 2023


This time of year is ideal to dream about places to go in 2023 or beyond. Here is our list […]
San Francisco Square Quito

Jan 8 2023

Our picks for the 2023 hotspots in Latin America

2023 is upon us, but have you thought about where you’ll be travelling this year? With a wealth of places […]

Apr 14 2022

Where Can I Go Now?

Thinking of travelling again soon? We are pleased to announce that many Latin American countries are safe to visit once […]

Feb 15 2020

Our 7 favourite Colonial Cities of Latin America

Cartagena, Colombia Cartagena is a beguiling tropical port steeped in history and culture. The city lies on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. […]

Jun 28 2019

The Best Places to see the Giant Otter

Giant otters are found in the great rivers and wetlands in South America. They are the largest otter species in […]

Mar 25 2019

South America gets closer by Air

South America’s air network is set to soar as Virgin Atlantic is launching a daily service between Heathrow and São […]

Oct 29 2018

Guest Blog Brazil: A hard nut to crack or just a big pussycat?!

David and his team have been organising our trips to South America for nearly 20 years now. We have previously […]

Oct 3 2018

10 Things to Know About Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival, the largest outdoor street party in the world, might not be until February, but if you’re looking to […]

May 22 2018

Spotlight on Tamarin Monkeys

The are several species of tamarin monkeys that live in the Amazon Basin, but one of the most common is […]
Peru Machu Picchu panorama

May 22 2018

The most luxurious things to do in Latin America

Those lucky few with deep pockets can experience Latin America in extraordinary ways. And why not? There’s been plenty of […]

May 22 2018

What to pack for a visit to the jungle

The Amazon is a wonderous place teeming with exotic flora and fauna. It’s one of South America’s most iconic destinations. […]
Theatro Municipal sao paulo

Feb 27 2018

Top 11 things to do in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo gets overshadowed by its neighbour Rio de Janeiro. Plenty of things reward those who make the effort to […]

Feb 27 2018

Latin America’s top football teams

The beautiful game is by far the biggest sport in Latin America, nearing an obsession for many. Even if you’re […]

Feb 27 2018

Where to watch Latin America’s famously melting sunset

  Who doesn’t like a good sunset? One of life’s great joys is watching the melting ball of orange light […]

Feb 27 2018

Latin America’s culinary capitals

Calling all foodies. More travellers are picking their holiday spots based on gastronomy than ever before. Latin America boasts some […]

Jan 7 2018

10 off grid hotels in Latin America

Want to get away from the bustle of the city and truly understand a new culture or place? To do […]

Nov 26 2017

Brazilian coconut egg custard recipe

One of the easiest and most delicious Brazilian desserts, Quindim is popular across the country and makes a fine ending […]

Oct 7 2017

Interesting spots for art lovers in Latin America

The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) The Museo de Art Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (shortened to MALBA) […]

Oct 6 2017

Videos of the most magnificent birds in Latin America

Latin America has the most diverse range of avifauna on earth. More than 3,000 different species of birdlife can be […]

Aug 31 2017

New tour visit the Carnival and Amazon

It might only seem like the last Carnival was just yesterday, but we’re quickly racing towards 2018. If you want […]

Aug 30 2017

10 things to do in the Amazon

Seeing a clay lick Parrot clay licks can be found throughout the Amazon. Hundreds of parrots and macaws descend upon […]

Jul 11 2017


Brazil’s Iguaçu Falls National Park is full of exotic wildlife. Exploring the tropical waterfalls is a real ‘bucket-list’ experience, but […]

May 8 2017

10 places in Latin America that will take your breath away

Latin America is so full of wonders, it’s almost impossible to pick just 10. Our travels have taken us all […]

Mar 6 2017

5 cable cars to take in South America

Cable cars are, in our opinion, one of the best modes of transport. Quick, no traffic and it’s possible to […]

Feb 28 2017

French artist projects faces of Amazon tribe onto rainforest canopy

Deforestation continues to sweep through the Amazon rainforest. A 2016 project by French street artist Philippe Echaroux aimed to draw […]

Dec 30 2016

2017 Latin America travel bucket list

Thinking of travelling to Latin America in 2017? With such a huge area spanning two continents, we thought we’d put […]
Paraty, Brazil

Dec 29 2016

The difference between Paraty and Búzios

If you’re looking for a day-trip or weekend getaway from Rio de Janeiro, there are several excellent options right on […]

Nov 29 2016

Latin America’s most colourful festivals

The world is full of colourful festivals and none come as colourful as those in Latin America. While Carnival in […]

Nov 25 2016

Brazilian acarajé recipe

These fried pea balls are commonly found on the streets of Brazil’s northern Bahia state. They are also used in […]

Nov 21 2016

Discovering the treasures of Brazil’s ‘Plateau of Diamonds’

Discovering a potentially priceless gem only makes visiting the beautiful Chapada Diamantina (‘plateau of diamonds’) even more compelling. In the […]

Nov 8 2016

Discovering Ilha Grande, Brazil’s big island

Just a few hours away from Rio de Janeiro off the southern coast of Brazil is one of the country’s […]

Nov 8 2016

15 things to do in Rio de Janeiro

About to visit Rio de Janeiro or thinking or going to the cidade maravilhosa? Take a look at twenty things […]

Nov 8 2016

The best street food you can get for under $5 in Latin America

Latin America isn’t short on street snacks. Like much of the world, some of the tastiest cuisine gets cooked on […]

Oct 18 2016

This man has been living alone in the Amazon for over 20 years

Imagine that all of your friends, family and anyone you have ever known have been massacred. No other speaks your […]

Sep 29 2016

7 amazing religious statues in Latin America

Many countries around the world love to erect religious monuments, but in Latin America they are particularly impressive. While most […]

Sep 19 2016

Best places to go surfing in Latin America

The thousands of kilometres of coastline that make up South, Central and North America have some of the world’s best […]

Sep 19 2016

25 random but interesting facts about Latin America you probably didn’t know

Angel Falls in Venezuela is one of the largest waterfalls in the world with a height of almost 1 kilometre. […]

Sep 19 2016

6 scenic flights to take in Latin America

Such variety of landscapes makes Latin America an amazing place to see from above. Take a bird’s eye view down […]
Chile Torres del Paine

Aug 23 2016

10 of the best national parks in Latin America

Wild and untamed, the national parks of Latin America are havens for adventure seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and hikers. […]

Jun 14 2016

9 insanely luxurious hotels around Latin America

Alvear Palace, Argentina The elegant Alvear Palace, located in the upmarket Recoleta district in Buenos Aires, was built in the […]

Apr 24 2016

This may be the world’s most dangerous selfie spot

On the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro lies the Pedra da Gavea mountain, a beautiful spot that overlooks the city […]

Apr 23 2016

If you are a wildlife lover you shouldn’t miss out on these amazing experiences

Latin America is full of wonders. The diverse landscapes make for an equally diverse set of species. Roaming jaguars, gentle […]

Mar 26 2016

The best drone footage of Latin America

Aerial footage from drones is fast becoming the most creative way to make short travel films. Capturing Latin America’s diverse […]

Mar 25 2016

6 epic waterfalls in Latin America

Latin America is a land of epic landscapes. Tropical rainforests, windswept steppes, towering glaciers and cascading waterfalls. Iguazu Falls borders […]

Mar 25 2016

Facts about Pelé, the world’s greatest footballer

Pelé is considered the greatest football player of all time. The Brazilian revolutionised the beautiful game with his creative and […]

Jan 5 2016

7 of the best galleries and museums in Rio de Janeiro

MAM Rio MAM Rio (Museum of Modern Art Rio) is housed in a spectacular modernist building created by Affonso Eduardo […]

Jan 3 2016

How to make the perfect caipirinha

If you haven’t tried the Brazilian national cocktail caipirinha, you are in for a real treat. Similar to mojito, but […]

Dec 24 2015

The Best Places To travel In 2016

The New Year is almost upon us. In celebration here’s our pick of the best places to visit in Latin […]
txai resort brazil

Dec 18 2015

The ultimate Brazilian chill out trip

What could be better than spending lazy days on the fabulous beaches in northern Brazil’s Bahian coastline? Select Latin America […]

Dec 2 2015

“Rabanadas” Recipe by Benoît Sinthon

RELATED: Argentine empanada recipe

Oct 19 2015

Best Birding Locations in Central & South America

Latin America is simply one of the best continents for birding on earth. In total there are over 3,000 species […]

Oct 19 2015

This Video Perfectly Sums Up Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro really does have it all. A year round sunny climate, an energetic and dynamic city, white sandy […]

Oct 15 2015

The 20 Best Hikes In Latin America

There are so many amazing hikes you can do through the Americas ranging from light days hikes to serious mountaineering […]

Aug 25 2015

A Quick 5 Minute Guide to Brasilia

A little history… Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. It is located inland and is somewhat unique in the country […]

Aug 3 2015

Meet us at the Birdfair

We are pleased to announce Select Latin America will be having a stand at the Birdfair taking place at Rutland […]

Jun 29 2015

The Jaguar Express Visit

I recently travelled to Brazil’s northern Pantanal and took a short trip to spot Jaguars. Brazil’s Pantanal is probably the […]

May 27 2015

38 Outrageously Luxurious Hotels In Brazil

Brazil has some of the finest hotels in the world. Here’s a rundown of the 38 most luxurious properties from […]
Galapagos Gardner Bay

May 13 2015

8 Best Beaches In Latin America

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Flickr/Daniel Amariles Best city beach. Sancho Beach, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Flickr/Jorge Pindorama Best […]
Torres del Paine

Apr 7 2015

Our 20 favourite places in Latin America

Latin America is a culturally and geographically diverse place. Here’s 20 places (in no particular order) you absolutely have to […]

Mar 24 2015

South America Flag Map

by thedavefoster. This map shows the flags of South America laid out on a map of the continent, leading viewers […]

Dec 15 2014

Celebrating Christmas Latin American Style

Argentina Flickr/N i c o l a Christmas in Argentina has is heavily influenced by Europe and North America although […]

Dec 12 2014

Brigadeiros Recipe: Try Making This Brazilian Delicacy At Home

Brigadeiros are a highly calorific traditional Brazilian sweet, rather like a truffle made with butter and condensed milk. They are […]

Dec 12 2014

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Rio de Janeiro

1. Rio de Janeiro has 56 miles of beaches Flickr/Alex Schwab 2. Corcovado, the mountain on which Christ the Redeemer […]

Nov 20 2014

12 Classic Films Set In Latin America You Have To Watch At Least Once

1. Diarios De Motocicleta  / The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) The Motorcycle Diaries follows the account of the young Che Guevara […]

Nov 19 2014

Two Pousadas In Brazil You Have To Stay In [VID]

For more information visit here. RELATED: Top 5 holidays in Brazil

Nov 17 2014

Adventure To The Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Having spent a week in the biggest city in South America, São Paulo, I took a flight to Alta Floresta […]

Oct 24 2014

Our Top 25 Most Unique Hotels In Latin America

From floating hotels on a Uruguayan lake to an aircraft nestled amongst trees in Costa Rica’s rainforest, we’ve searched high […]

Oct 22 2014

A Guide To The National Drinks Of Latin America

National drinks throughout Latin America vary immensely. Some opt for teas, others beer or liquor. Of course, there is also […]

Oct 21 2014

What To Eat For Breakfast In Each Latin American Country

Breakfast in Latin America varies immensely between countries and also regions. You’re not going to, for example, find the same […]

Oct 21 2014

Eleven Amazing Experiences You Can Have In Latin America [VID]

1. Snorkel with whale sharks on Mexico’s Holbox Island 2. Track wild jaguars in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands 3. Hike […]

Oct 20 2014

12 Fascinating Facts About Brazil You Probably Didn’t Know

1. 93% of new cars sold in Brazil run from an ethanol created from sugar cane Flickr/Belenos Govannon 2. Brazil […]

Oct 20 2014

12 Vintage Black & White Photos From Travels Around Brazil

We’ve been creating memorable adventures around Brazil for almost 30 years. Here’s a collection of some of my old black […]

Sep 4 2014

Drink Mate Like a Gaucho in Seven Steps

Mate is a traditional herbal tea commonly consumed in the southern cone of South America. Its named after the mate […]

Sep 2 2014

Vintage 80s Capoeira Training Video that will get you moving today

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Aug 11 2014

We have launched our new brochure. Get it hot off the press

We are pleased to announce the publication of new brochure. This beautiful 96 page full colour booklet is packed full […]

Aug 4 2014

22 species of wildlife you will see in the Pantanal

1. Capuchin Monkey Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr 2. Capybara Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr 3. Coatimundi Neil McIntosh/Flickr 4. Crab Eating Fox Tambako […]

Jul 21 2014

Braving the spray of Iguazú Falls

I recently re-visited the Iguazú Falls in Argentina and Brazil. Justifiably said to be one of the natural wonders of […]

Jul 20 2014

Pão de Queijo (Cheese bread) Recipe

Photo: Rodrigo Gianesi These delicious little cheese breads are popular throughout Brazil, particularly in the state of Minas Gerais where […]

Jun 20 2014

10 irresistible photos of Brazil

1. Sunset over the Bahian coast 2. Hiking in Chapada Diamantes 3. Scuba diving off Fernando de Noronha 4. Dolphin […]

Jun 20 2014

A short history of Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova has an interesting history. Created in Rio de Janeiro in the late 1950s it rose in popularity over […]

Jun 5 2014

This guy is the world’s biggest football fan!

The FIFA 2014 world cup is just around the corner, but how much of a fan of ‘the beautiful game’ […]

May 6 2014

The Amazonian Manatee

Wikipedia: Mwanner The Amazonian Manatee has got to be one of the most intriguing looking mammals in Latin America. They […]

Mar 21 2014

4 surreal landscapes in Latin America you have to visit

Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia This has got to be at the top of the list. This vast expanse of salt […]

Feb 27 2014


A new species of tapir, has been identified by scientists in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil and Colombia. The new […]

Feb 25 2014

New Species of Dolphin

A new kind of river dolphin has been discovered in the Araguaia River in north eastern Brazil. This is the […]

Feb 25 2014

The Source of the Amazon

Though the Amazon is by far the greatest river in the World in volume, arguments have gone on for years […]

Dec 12 2013

Discover Brazilian Cuisine

Alex Atala, the owner and chef of the São Paulo restaurant D.O.M has for the last few years been at […]

Dec 12 2013

Flavia Coelho – A New Brazilian Sound

The young Brazilian Flavia Coelho is making waves with her unique sound that comes from the blend of samba, bossa-nova […]

Dec 12 2013

Arena Amazonia and the Heart of the Amazon

So, the draw has taken place and England will be playing their first game against Italy  in the city of […]

Oct 31 2013

4 Brazilian drinks you’ve probably never heard of

Many think of the Caipirinha when thinking of Brazilian drinks, and rightly so.  A delicious mix of Cachaça Brazilian rum, […]

Sep 30 2013

Jaguar attacks Caiman [vid]

Come and see jaguars for yourself on our Brazilian Safari trip. RELATED: The Jaguar Express Visit 

Apr 27 2013


Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis is a photographic exploration of the World’s wilderness areas. The photographer spent eight years spent travelling the […]

Apr 19 2013

A century of Sugarloaf Cable car

The iconic Sugarloaf Mountain Aerial Tram was built in 1912, which helped to turn Rio de Janeiro into a major […]

Feb 28 2013

Hotel of the Month – Toca da Coruja

There have been so many award ceremonies recently, the Oscars, Baftas and Grammys to name a few that we felt […]

Feb 28 2013

Feijoada recipe

Feijoada, the national dish of Brazil – a hearty bean stew traditionally made using the tails, trotters and ears. Here’s […]

Jan 28 2013

February is Carnival time

February is festival season in South America from one of the biggest in the world, the riotous colourful spectacle that […]

Oct 31 2012

Brazil with Michael Palin

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Oct 25 2012

Rio for New Year!

Some stores in London have already got Christmas departments. Why not avoid the chilly festive season altogether and head to […]

Oct 25 2012

Bahian Fish Stew

Moqueca, also spelled muqueca, is a tasty Brazilian seafood stew based on fish, onions, garlic, tomatoes and coriander. This traditional […]

Oct 12 2012

Day dreaming on a Friday

We were having a day dream at Select HQ about Paraty so thought we’d share a photo. Enjoy!  

Sep 28 2012

Forget Hummus, Try Humitas

Latin American-inspired menus are about to hit the Scene in London and cities around the country: A Brazilian barbecue restaurant […]

Aug 29 2012


I was more surprised to see a family of these beasts walking beside an urban pond near Belo Horizonte in […]

Jul 18 2012

Off-beat Destinations, Lençois Maranhenses Brazil

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is located in Maranhão state, in north-eastern Brazil. Composed of large, white, sweeping dunes, at […]

Jul 5 2012

Google’s Street View goes into the Amazon

Google’s next Street View project will capture 360-degree images of the Amazon to share the area’s environment and culture with […]

Jun 1 2012

Brazil Dolphin Rescue becomes internet sensation

RELATED: New Species of Dolphin A dramatic video showing 30 beached dolphins being rescued by holiday-makers  in Brazil has become an […]
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