Flavia Coelho – A New Brazilian Sound

The young Brazilian Flavia Coelho is making waves with her unique sound that comes from the blend of samba, bossa-nova and Brazilian melodies with a hint of hip-hop and reggae for good measure. The singer was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro but moved to Paris in 2006. Her most recent album Bossa Muffin released in 2013 a rhythmic clash of Brazilian and Caribbean styles that match her relaxed vocal style. African influences come from Bika Bika Pierre, a musician from Cameroon that she collaborated with on many of the tracks. Easily one of the best albums of the year.

“there’s something quirky and mischievous about Flavia Coelho’s voice… fresh, brassy and irreverent”
Simon Broughton, Evening Standard  (on album Bossa Muffin)

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