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Feb 17 2023


This time of year is ideal to dream about places to go in 2023 or beyond. Here is our list […]
Argentina puna high plains

Apr 14 2022

Where Can I Go Now?

Thinking of travelling again soon? We are pleased to announce that many Latin American countries are safe to visit once […]

Mar 13 2021

500 years since Magellan took voyage of Discovery

A Voyage of Discovery to the Spice Islands The Portuguese explorer Fernão de Magalhães set sail 500 years ago seeking […]

Jul 5 2019

Journey to the ends of the Earth – Tierra del Fuego

The Fatal Attraction Charles Darwin spent more time around the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego than he did in the […]

Jun 26 2019

9 Unmissable Things to do in Argentina

From riding with the gauchos, boating below a waterfall, to hiking on ice, Argentina has a wealth of activities that […]

Mar 25 2019

South America gets closer by Air

South America’s air network is set to soar as Virgin Atlantic is launching a daily service between Heathrow and São […]
Orcas or killer whales

Mar 20 2019

Scientists Find Mystery Killer Whales off Cape Horn, Chile

In January 2019, scientists working off southern Chile saw apparently a new species of Orca or killer whale. The whales, […]

Oct 3 2018

Tierra del Fuego – Take a Cruise Around the Horn

There’s not been a better time to visit the spectacular fjords of Tierra del Fuego than since the recent launch […]

May 22 2018

Argentina’s guitar-shaped forest

It’s little known about and rarely visited, but in the heart of Argentina’s Pampas is a guitar-shaped forest created from […]

May 22 2018

Go underground to this fascinating subterranean Buenos Aires museum

Planning a break in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires? You’ll find plenty of information about the city’s iconic landmarks but there’s […]
Peru Machu Picchu panorama

May 22 2018

The most luxurious things to do in Latin America

Those lucky few with deep pockets can experience Latin America in extraordinary ways. And why not? There’s been plenty of […]

Feb 27 2018

Latin America’s top football teams

The beautiful game is by far the biggest sport in Latin America, nearing an obsession for many. Even if you’re […]

Feb 27 2018

Where to watch Latin America’s famously melting sunset

  Who doesn’t like a good sunset? One of life’s great joys is watching the melting ball of orange light […]

Feb 27 2018

Slang phrases you should know before you visit Argentina

Think you’ve got fluent Spanish down? When you land in Buenos Aires, you’ll find how much different the street language […]

Feb 27 2018

The highest climbable mountains in South America

The Andes runs all along the spine of South America. Stretching from Colombia in the tropical north to Patagonia in […]

Feb 27 2018

Latin America’s culinary capitals

Calling all foodies. More travellers are picking their holiday spots based on gastronomy than ever before. Latin America boasts some […]

Feb 27 2018

How to spend two days in El Calafate

Two days is never enough to truly discover a place, but sometimes that’s all you’ve got. Use this handy little […]

Jan 7 2018

10 off grid hotels in Latin America

Want to get away from the bustle of the city and truly understand a new culture or place? To do […]

Nov 21 2017

Wildlife spotlight on the Andean condor

The mighty Andean condor is iconic in Latin America and tops most bird and wildlife lovers’ list of species to […]

Nov 16 2017

8 treks in Argentina you simply cannot miss

Argentina ranges from tropics to frozen steppes. It’s a mecca for outdoorsy types who descend each summer to hike along […]

Oct 7 2017

Interesting spots for art lovers in Latin America

The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) The Museo de Art Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (shortened to MALBA) […]

Oct 4 2017

Free things to do in Buenos Aires

It’s not called the ‘Paris of Latin America’ for nothing. This beautiful city is the historical, cultural, and artistic hub […]

Jul 11 2017


Brazil’s Iguaçu Falls National Park is full of exotic wildlife. Exploring the tropical waterfalls is a real ‘bucket-list’ experience, but […]

Dec 30 2016

2017 Latin America travel bucket list

Thinking of travelling to Latin America in 2017? With such a huge area spanning two continents, we thought we’d put […]

Nov 29 2016

Latin America’s most colourful festivals

The world is full of colourful festivals and none come as colourful as those in Latin America. While Carnival in […]

Sep 19 2016

25 random but interesting facts about Latin America you probably didn’t know

Angel Falls in Venezuela is one of the largest waterfalls in the world with a height of almost 1 kilometre. […]

Sep 19 2016

6 scenic flights to take in Latin America

Such variety of landscapes makes Latin America an amazing place to see from above. Take a bird’s eye view down […]
Chile Torres del Paine

Aug 23 2016

10 of the best national parks in Latin America

Wild and untamed, the national parks of Latin America are havens for adventure seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and hikers. […]
Argentina Perito Moreno Glacier

Aug 23 2016

Top 5 holidays in Argentina

At 2.7 million km², Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world. It’s therefore hardly surprising that geographically, the […]

Jun 14 2016

9 insanely luxurious hotels around Latin America

Alvear Palace, Argentina The elegant Alvear Palace, located in the upmarket Recoleta district in Buenos Aires, was built in the […]

May 28 2016

The best markets in South America

Otavalo Market, Otavalo Located in the northern Ecuadorian town of the same name, Otavalo is perhaps one of the most […]

Apr 23 2016

23 quotes that show why Eva Perón was adored by the masses

Eva Perón was the first lady of Argentina between 1946 and 1952. Also named Evita, she played an important role […]

Mar 26 2016

The best drone footage of Latin America

Aerial footage from drones is fast becoming the most creative way to make short travel films. Capturing Latin America’s diverse […]

Mar 25 2016

6 epic waterfalls in Latin America

Latin America is a land of epic landscapes. Tropical rainforests, windswept steppes, towering glaciers and cascading waterfalls. Iguazu Falls borders […]

Feb 23 2016

20 interesting facts about Che Guevara you probably didn’t know

1. Che Guevara’s real name is in fact Ernest Lynch. 2. He was the descendant of a half Irish family. […]

Feb 1 2016

Everything you need to know about Argentine Wine in one handy infographic

Most people who drink wine are familiar with Malbec, the national grape of Argentina, but less is known about the […]

Feb 1 2016

10 absolute musts in Buenos Aires

Indulge your sweet tooth If you’ve never tried dulce de leche you are in for a real treat. The thick, […]

Jan 19 2016

8 Best Natural Hot Springs For A Soak In Latin America

Termas Papallacta, Ecuador The Termas Papallacta hot springs a located around forty miles east of Quito.  Squeezed in an Andean […]

Dec 24 2015

The Best Places To travel In 2016

The New Year is almost upon us. In celebration here’s our pick of the best places to visit in Latin […]

Nov 30 2015

Rolling Stones are coming to Latin America

The Rolling Stones are touring Latin America in early 2016. The group need no introduction. Their music career took off […]

Nov 30 2015

The 7 best train rides in Latin America

Compared to most continents, railways in Latin America are few and far between. Most have been left to fall into […]

Oct 19 2015

Best Birding Locations in Central & South America

Latin America is simply one of the best continents for birding on earth. In total there are over 3,000 species […]

Oct 19 2015

Carbonada Criolla Recipe

As we edge ever closer to the winter months, the hearty rich Argentine stew of beef, potatoes, corn, and fruit […]

Oct 15 2015

The 20 Best Hikes In Latin America

There are so many amazing hikes you can do through the Americas ranging from light days hikes to serious mountaineering […]

Oct 9 2015

Patagonia Argentina’s Wild Atlantic Coast

The village of Bahia Bustamente in the Patagonian Chubut province on the Atlantic coast of Argentina has just 40 people. […]

Oct 7 2015

Join the Fiesta de la Tradicion in Argentina

A couple of hours east of Buenos Aires in the heart of the Pampas is the town of San Antonio […]

Aug 3 2015

Meet us at the Birdfair

We are pleased to announce Select Latin America will be having a stand at the Birdfair taking place at Rutland […]

Jul 28 2015

The 20 Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Latin America

Best for Birding Name – Atlantic Forest Reserves Country – Brazil Date of inscription – 1999 Why it’s the best […]

Jul 28 2015

New flight opens between Iguazu and El Calafate

Great news! Aerolineas Argentinas has recently launched direct flights between Iguazu and El Calafate. This joins two of Latin America’s […]

Jun 29 2015

The Tin Tin straight line and the Bishop’s slope

In Argentina’s arid and mountainous Northwest there are two striking roads. One is a nearly 20km straight road that follows […]

Jun 25 2015

12 Delicious Things You Can Do With Dulce De Leche

Dulce de leche is a seriously addictive South American caramel that’s becoming increasingly popular in the UK. For the sweet-toothed […]

Jun 22 2015

Film Review: Wild Tales

Pedro Almodóvar presents Wild Tales, a series of six fables exploring the most extreme effects of the stresses of modern […]

May 13 2015

Getting up close with whales in Argentina [VID]

This wonderful footage was taken by two of our clients on their trip near to the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina. […]

May 13 2015

Choripan with Chimichurri Recipe

Flickr/Jess J This is one of the most delicious things you can eat in Argentina. A simple concoction of spicy […]

Apr 8 2015

The Best Traditional Cafés in Buenos Aires

The coffeehouses of Buenos Aires have played an important role in Argentine society since the mid-19th century. Although some have […]

Mar 24 2015

South America Flag Map

by thedavefoster. This map shows the flags of South America laid out on a map of the continent, leading viewers […]

Dec 15 2014

Celebrating Christmas Latin American Style

Argentina Flickr/N i c o l a Christmas in Argentina has is heavily influenced by Europe and North America although […]

Dec 1 2014

To The End Of The World And Back, A Masterpiece

Guest Blog: Philip & Gillian Moss came on a four week bespoke adventure through Argentina and Chile. Below they write […]

Nov 21 2014

Who Was W.H. Hudson?

William Henry Hudson was a gifted writer born on the Argentine Pampas in 1841 and grew up surrounded by nature. […]

Nov 20 2014

12 Classic Films Set In Latin America You Have To Watch At Least Once

1. Diarios De Motocicleta  / The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) The Motorcycle Diaries follows the account of the young Che Guevara […]

Oct 24 2014

Our Top 25 Most Unique Hotels In Latin America

From floating hotels on a Uruguayan lake to an aircraft nestled amongst trees in Costa Rica’s rainforest, we’ve searched high […]

Oct 22 2014

A Guide To The National Drinks Of Latin America

National drinks throughout Latin America vary immensely. Some opt for teas, others beer or liquor. Of course, there is also […]

Oct 21 2014

What To Eat For Breakfast In Each Latin American Country

Breakfast in Latin America varies immensely between countries and also regions. You’re not going to, for example, find the same […]

Oct 21 2014

Eleven Amazing Experiences You Can Have In Latin America [VID]

1. Snorkel with whale sharks on Mexico’s Holbox Island 2. Track wild jaguars in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands 3. Hike […]

Oct 16 2014

Whale watching in the Yellow Submarine

Ever fancied whale watching from below the surface of the water but anxious about being in the water? We might […]

Sep 4 2014

Drink Mate Like a Gaucho in Seven Steps

Mate is a traditional herbal tea commonly consumed in the southern cone of South America. Its named after the mate […]

Aug 28 2014

Inca Trails gain UNESCO World Heritage status

In June the Inca trail system was officially declared a World Heritage Patrimony by the UNESCO. Its Quichuan name Qhapaq […]

Aug 11 2014

We have launched our new brochure. Get it hot off the press

We are pleased to announce the publication of new brochure. This beautiful 96 page full colour booklet is packed full […]

Aug 7 2014

Patagonia Overland Safari Our New Product Fancy a different way of exploring Patagonia? Why not trying our new Patagonia Overland Safari tour? This can be […]

Jul 21 2014

Braving the spray of Iguazú Falls

I recently re-visited the Iguazú Falls in Argentina and Brazil. Justifiably said to be one of the natural wonders of […]

Jul 2 2014

Argentine man is the world’s best horse whisperer

Natural horsemanship popularly known as ‘horse whispering’, is an ancient technique used to train horses in a kinder and gentler […]

Apr 2 2014

29th is Gnocchi Day in Argentina!

Flickr/Enrico Matteucci For many Argentines, the 29th of each month is Ñoquis (gnocchi) day. Gnocchi, for those who haven’t heard […]

Dec 13 2013

Win Argentine Leather Estados products

We’ve teamed up with luxury Argentine leather artisans Estados to offer two lucky winners a choice of either a handmade […]

Oct 31 2013

Homage to Jorge Luis Borges [VID]

“Poets, like the blind, can see in the dark.” Jorge Luis Borges Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentine poet and […]

Aug 8 2013


These adjacent national parks are in the mountainous desert region of north-western Argentina. The spectacular red-coloured rocks were formed by […]

Mar 29 2013


Patagonia is known for its unspoilt wilderness and unique opportunities to see animals. Punta Tombo, is a peninsula located on […]

Mar 29 2013


Argentina is gearing up for an influx of tourists looking to follow in the footsteps of the new Pope Francis. […]

Jan 23 2013

Sweet Tooth? Try Alfajores

Argentines will claim the national sweet in the country has to be the alfajor,  though Peruvians have their own version […]

Sep 29 2012

South America Gray Fox

Whilst trekking in the renowned Torres del Paine national park in Chile I had a close encounter with the South […]

Sep 12 2012

Argentina – anti-stress locations near Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires can be quite frenetic but luckily there are many ways to escape from the city, leave all worries […]
Peru Mountain lodges trek

Jun 3 2012

High Altitude Remedies

Mountain sickness, also referred to as “soroche” in Spanish, is a common problem experienced by some travellers who arrive in […]
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