Argentina – anti-stress locations near Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires can be quite frenetic but luckily there are many ways to escape from the city, leave all worries and relax just minutes away. Only 27 km away from downtown Buenos Aires the Tigre Delta offers amazing options to take a boat or kayak through their channels, stay at rustic boutique hotels and enjoy delicious food. In Argentina, the estancias are tightly linked to the history and essence of the culture. Surrounded with tradition, they shelter the past and present of both criollos and later European immigrants. The place to get in touch with your inner gaucho is the Pampa Argentina, for example at San Antonio de Areco, there are a couple of excellent estancias such as El Ombu or El Rosario, the latter dates back to the 19th century. Here you can ride horses, even play polo or just enjoy the peace and space. These estancias are like ranches with magnificent homes, usually with cosy fireplaces around which to enjoy fine wines and the best beef in the world…

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