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Feb 17 2023


This time of year is ideal to dream about places to go in 2023 or beyond. Here is our list […]
San Francisco Square Quito

Jan 8 2023

Our picks for the 2023 hotspots in Latin America

2023 is upon us, but have you thought about where you’ll be travelling this year? With a wealth of places […]

Jan 2 2021

Visit Antarctica by Expedition Cruise

Only 200 years since explorers landed in Antarctica, it remains the most remote part of the planet. Antarctica has never […]
Orcas or killer whales

Mar 20 2019

Scientists Find Mystery Killer Whales off Cape Horn, Chile

In January 2019, scientists working off southern Chile saw apparently a new species of Orca or killer whale. The whales, […]

Nov 27 2017

Bucket list worthy things to do in the Antarctic

While a trip to the Antarctic sits high in most travellers’ bucket lists, there is more to do than look […]

Sep 10 2017

Watch this mesmerising penguin colony timelapse

This video may be a few years old now, but it is still just as fascinating. Over a three-month period, […]

Mar 29 2017

Antarctic cruise special offers

The Antarctic is a truly amazing place, a wilderness of pristine icebergs, glistening waterways, waddling penguins, and fluking whales. The […]

Mar 28 2017

5 amazing places you’ll visit on an Antarctic cruise

Antarctica, the last true wilderness on the planet. A vast, unspoiled continent that has been inspiring adventurers for hundreds of […]

Dec 30 2016

2017 Latin America travel bucket list

Thinking of travelling to Latin America in 2017? With such a huge area spanning two continents, we thought we’d put […]

Feb 3 2016

Last chance to visit the Antarctic with one of our special offers

Antarctic Peninsula – Basecamp Ortelius Vessel: Ortelius 28 Feb – 10 Mar 2016 Twin porthole – €7,250 NOW €5,800 (20% […]

Dec 24 2015

The Best Places To travel In 2016

The New Year is almost upon us. In celebration here’s our pick of the best places to visit in Latin […]

Nov 24 2015

Take a real white Christmas in Antarctica

We’ve got two upcoming Antarctic expeditions with some fantastic discounts. Cabins are limited so get in touch if you would […]
South Georgia gentoo

Oct 23 2015

Wildlife Hotspots In The Antarctic

Drake Passage The rough seas of the Drake Passage that connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans is most people’s first […]
Antarctica gentoo penguins arriving

Sep 6 2015

6 Penguins That You Will See On An Antarctic Cruise

With the Antarctic cruise season almost upon us we will be producing a series of articles about the wildlife and […]
Ocean Diamond

Sep 22 2014

Buy one get one free on Antarctic Cruises

Our Antarctic Cruise Sale begins today and will run until Friday 26 September. There are 8 voyages on a buy-one-get-one-free […]

Aug 11 2014

We have launched our new brochure. Get it hot off the press

We are pleased to announce the publication of new brochure. This beautiful 96 page full colour booklet is packed full […]

Apr 1 2014

wild antarctica

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Apr 27 2013


Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis is a photographic exploration of the World’s wilderness areas. The photographer spent eight years spent travelling the […]

Oct 8 2012

Who owns the Antarctic?

The answer is nobody but several countries claim sovereignty. There is an international treaty to manage the frozen continent. As […]

Jul 20 2012

Penguins from Space

Counting emperor penguins cannot be easy. They spend much of their time in the Southern Ocean and when they do […]
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