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The Antarctic is a truly amazing place, a wilderness of pristine icebergs, glistening waterways, waddling penguins, and fluking whales. The season runs between November and March and with places limited, if you plan to go, it’s best to secure your place early with a deposit. If you’re still not quite sure, here’s several early bird special offers to help you make your decision.

CruiseDateDaysSpecial Offer
Falklands & South Georgia20/10 – 7/1119$1,000 off
South Georgia In Depth21/10 – 4/1115$750 travel credit
Antarctic Peninsula – Basecamp Ortelius4/11 – 15/1112Includes free activities
South Georgia In Depth4/11 – 18/1115$750 travel credit
Falklands , South Georgia & Antarctica6/11 – 25/1120Up to $4,000 off
Weddell Sea – In search of the Emperor Penguin15/11 – 25/1111Up to €1,200 off
Falkland Islands – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula29/11- 18/1220Up to €1,100 off
Antarctic Peninsula Explorer4/12 – 14/1211$750 travel credit
Antarctic Peninsula with South Shetland Islands6/12 – 16/1211Up to €850 off
Antarctic Peninsula with South Shetland Islands6/12 – 16/1211Up to €850 off
Antarctic Peninsula14/12 – 25/1212$1,000 off
Antarctic Peninsula Adventure3/3 – 13/311$750 travel credit
Marine Mammals of Antarctica23/3 – 2/411$750 travel credit

To discuss your Antarctic travel plans or book your cruise, contact one of our experts at +44 (0) 207 407 1478 or message us here.

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