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Only 200 years since explorers landed in Antarctica, it remains the most remote part of the planet. Antarctica has never been easier to visit on holiday. Take one of our expedition cruises. Going earlier in the season the ice is pristine, so better for landscape photography. One of the highlights of visiting Antarctica is spotting the many species of penguins found here, including emperor, chinstrap, gentoo and adélie, as well as whales, seals and marine birds. January and February are the best months to see penguin chicks as they are hatching. These months also mark the beginning of the whale watching season with chances of spotting minke, humpback and orcas. Later in March and April there are more whales to see. We have special offers on some trips, including the fly cruise, where you fly over the often-rough Drake Passage. Please ask us for other special offers.

If you have the time, we recommend longer trips that include the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. The array of wildlife on such a trip is unbeatable. This trip combines the spectacular icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula with the wild natural beauty of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Observe penguins in their hundreds of thousands, droves of elephant seals and a dazzling array of birds. Our Antarctic cruise holidays are on the smaller expedition ships which offer a choice of one to four week trips. Board zodiacs to get closer to the ice formations, wildlife and make land excursions at least twice a day. For those in search of adventure, there are various options available, ranging from kayaking, snowshoeing, diving and camping. Each of our Antarctic cruise holidays is enhanced by lecturer’s expert in fields such as bird-watching, glaciology, geology, and history.

21 days from £8,875 per person.

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Antarctica Holiday Ideas

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