9 Unmissable Things to do in Argentina

From riding with the gauchos, boating below a waterfall, to hiking on ice, Argentina has a wealth of activities that are unmissable…

1 Take a bicycle tour around lively Buenos Aires

Experience the city like a local. Choose between the elegant northern Recoleta and Palermo areas home to aristocratic residences or the Southern areas of La Boca, the port and Plaza de Mayo square. Either way you will experience the sounds, sights and learn about this historic city. The city is ideal for cycling as the hills are few and far between.

2 La Recoleta Cemetery

Culture buffs and necromancers should visit La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires and spot famous names, such as Eva Peron. This is one of the most fascinating places of rest in the world. The statuary and tombs are quite over the top. There are several thousand graves with styles from classical temples to Baroque mini cathedrals. Evita lies in a bunker and nearby lie Napoleon’s illegitimate grand-daughter, ex-presidents, generals, writers, poets and at least one ghost…

3 Take a Tango lesson

Tango Buenos Aires

Tango began in the bars of Buenos Aires and today is synonymous with Latin dance at its most passionate. Take an introductory lesson then follow this with a dinner dance watching the professionals show you how it’s done. For a more authentic experience head for a traditional milonga or dance hall.

4 Drink Malbec in Mendoza

Mendoza’s vineyards lie in the shadows of the Andes. The home of Argentina’s world-famous wine. The spicy, strong, dark wine is perfect to wash down barbecued steak. There are historic and modern wineries to visit, olive farms and a lively city with snow-capped mountains as a backdrop.

5 Wander around colonial Salta

Salta is the gateway to the north-west Andes but is worth a linger. Take the cable car up to San Bernardo Hill for magnificent views of the city as well as the Museum of High-Altitude Archaeology to learn about Inca history and visit to San Lorenzo to view a beautiful ravine. There are many great places to eat in Salta, try one of the delicious parrilla’s at one of the restaurants in the main square. Then take a tour to the region’s geological wonders, immense cliffs and rainbow-coloured hills.

6 Ride horses on an estancia in La Pampa

The Pampa or plains are home to the gauchos. Here you can enjoy a traditional wood-fire barbecue with mouth-watering steaks and drink mate from a gourd. Horses and gauchos are an iconic part of Argentine culture and staying on an estancia or ranch is a perfect way to learn more about their folklore. If you enjoy horse-riding this is unmissable.

7 Visit a glacier or two

Get up close to a Glacier in Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park. There are few places in the World that you can watch a glacier calving, this is one. This impressive wall of ice is 5km wide and over 70m high. Take a boat trip to below the ice or if feeling really adventurous don crampons and take an ice hike.

8 Explore the jungles around Iguazú falls

Iguazú is home to diverse wildlife such as coatis and brilliant butterflies and be amazed by the hundreds of cascades. These truly overwhelming falls lie along the border of Argentina and Brazil. A chain of three kilometres of falls surrounded by tropical rainforest. It’s worth two days to visit both sides and take a trip on a boat to experience the ‘Devil’s Throat’.

9 Go back in time by visiting the delta of La Plata river at Tigre

Here you can take a boat or kayak yourself to go birdwatching or observe fin de siècle mansions on isolated islets. Explore with a guide this vast maze of canals, tributaries and rivers. The delta’s many islands hide peaceful getaways and cosy riverside restaurants accessible only by boat.

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