Sweet Tooth? Try Alfajores

Argentines will claim the national sweet in the country has to be the alfajor,  though Peruvians have their own version of the classic Latin American shortbread and dulce de leche treat.  Variations include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, nuts of many varieties, coconut and, of course, the all important dulce de leche or Manjar Blanco (crudely likened to soft and gooey caramel.  Ready-made Alfajores are widely available in kiosks and patisseries in Buenos Aires.  Some aficionados make their own dulce de leche by boiling evaporated milk, condensed milk, and sugar. This should all be in a large saucepan – it takes vigorous boiling and stirring until the consistency is sticky enough to sandwich between two biscuits and dust with icing sugar…

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