Whale watching in the Yellow Submarine


Ever fancied whale watching from below the surface of the water but anxious about being in the water? We might have the perfect thing for you. The Yellow Submarine is a semi-submersible vessel with leading technology for underwater whale observation located in Chubut on the Valdes Peninsula. Although they offer a more conventional whale watching tour by viewing these gentle giants from the upper deck, the exciting part of this is the 40 submerged viewing windows which give you up close front row seats to some of the most exciting wildlife watching on the planet.  English speaking guides will give you real insight into the Southern right whales as well the other wildlife you may typically see – sea lions and Patagonian sea birds.

The whales come so close to shore it only takes a few minutes to locate them at which point the hour and a half magic begins. You are free to roam the upper and lower decks to enjoy different perspectives of these creatures. During the cruise, the whale watching guide will comment on the behaviour and interpret the activity that the whales may be performing. The whale watching season runs between early September and mid-December.

To find out more information on the cruise on to book the submarine tour as part of your trip to Argentina please get in touch with us here.

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