Patagonia is known for its unspoilt wilderness and unique opportunities to see animals. Punta Tombo, is a peninsula located on the Atlantic Ocean of Argentina and is the best place to see Magellanic Penguins within continental Patagonia. With more than a million and a half Penguins arriving to Punta Tombo every year to breed, you can get up-close to these popular sea birds. Though the first penguins arrive in September and stay at Punta Tombo until mid-March, the best time to visit is after November once the babies are born. The area is striking for the sheer volume of penguins and despite being a conservation area, visitors are allowed to get surprisingly near to the penguins, as long as you don’t disturb or touch them. Magellanic Penguins are medium-sized penguins which grow to be 76 cm (30 in) tall and weigh between 2.7 kg and 6.5 kg. Penguin couples stand in front of their nests, protecting the eggs from birds and other predators, and occasionally one adult goes to the sea for food. Other wildlife encountered in the area are sea birds (mainly seagulls, chimango caracaras and cormorants), rheas and guanacos. Other important nearby colonies are Bahía Camarones and Cabo Dos Bahías. Punta Tombo is part of the new marine National Park Golfo San Jorge. Select Latin America offers several holiday ideas which can include Punta Tombo.

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