The Best Traditional Cafés in Buenos Aires

The coffeehouses of Buenos Aires have played an important role in Argentine society since the mid-19th century. Although some have unfortunately closed up shop, there are still over 50 of these traditional cafes. Café culture is big in Argentina and many porteños prefer the café notable to the modern.

Arguably the most famous café in Buenos Aires is Café Tortoni. This traditional coffeehouse was founded by a French immigrant in the mid-19th century and was named after the Café Tortoni on the Boulevard des Italiens in Paris. It was once the haunt of the famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges and has recently been named one of the most beautiful cafes in the world.

Café Tortoni, Av de Mayo 825, 1084

Cafe Tortoni

Las Violetas, Av Rivadavia 3899

Flickr: Capitu (ou Marcela)
Flickr: Capitu (ou Marcela)

Confiteria Ideal, Suipacha 384

Flickr: Paulo Marcel Coelho Aragão
Flickr: Paulo Marcel Coelho Aragão

Bar Plaza Dorrego, Humberto Primo 424 y Defensa

Flickr: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Flickr: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

La Biela, Av Pres. Manuel Quintana 596

la biela

Café Margot, Av Boedo 857

cafe margot

Café de los Angelitos, Av Rivadavia 2100

Cafe de los Angelitos

Clasica y Moderna, Av Callao 892

Clasica y Moderna

El Federal, Carlos Calvo 599

El Federal

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