12 Fascinating Facts About Brazil You Probably Didn’t Know

1. 93% of new cars sold in Brazil run from an ethanol created from sugar cane

carsFlickr/Belenos Govannon

2. Brazil has the world’s best beach according to TripAdvisor – Baia do Sancho on the archipelago of  Fernando de Noronha

beach_brazilFlickr/Almir de Freitas

3. There are around two million Brazilians of Japanese descent in Brazil

JapanFlickr/Eduardo M.

4. Rio de Janeiro’s famous statue, Christ the Redeemer, stands more than thirty 38 metres high and weighs over 635 tonnes

Christ the RedeemerFlickr/Christian Haugen

5. The ‘favela’ of Santa Marta in Rio de Janeiro has been visited by many celebrities including Madonna and Michael Jackson

santa martaFlickr/Alexander Fns

6. Brazil has the fifth largest population in the world

busyFlickr/Diego Torres Silvestre

7. According to a recent report there are at least 70 uncontacted tribes left in the Brazilian Amazon

amazon tribesFlickr/Rodrigo Soldon

8. Some prisoners in Brazil can reduce their sentences by four days for every book they read, a program dubbed “Redemption through Reading”

prisoner booksFlickr/Ali

9. The fisherman in southeast Brazil use dolphins to herd fish towards their nets

dolphin fishing

10. Over 82% of Salvador’s population is of African descent

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlickr/zapstratosphere

11. Brazil was the first country in the world to ban tanning beds


12. Brazil’s capital Brasilia was built in under 4 years between 1956 and 1960 and is shaped like an aeroplane

Brasilia_planWikipedia/Uri Rosenheck

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