How to make the perfect caipirinha

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If you haven’t tried the Brazilian national cocktail caipirinha, you are in for a real treat. Similar to mojito, but minus the mint and using cachaça instead of rum. There are just three ingredients you need to make the perfect caipirinha: lime, sugar and of course, cachaça. There a number of theories surrounding its origin, but most agree that it evolved from a medicinal recipe which included honey and garlic and given to patients suffering from Spanish flu in early 19th century São Paulo.


50ml cachaça
Half a lime
½ tsp sugar


Cut the half lime into small chunks including the peel. Muddle the pieces with the sugar in an old fashioned glass (the handle of a wooden spoon can be used if have no muddler). Add a few cubes of ice, pour over the cachaça and stir. Leave for a minute or so to cool before consuming. Enjoy!

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