4 Brazilian drinks you’ve probably never heard of

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Many think of the Caipirinha when thinking of Brazilian drinks, and rightly so.  A delicious mix of Cachaça Brazilian rum, ice and lime juice – it’s refreshing and tasty. There are however many Brazilian drinks that you have not heard of. Here’s a rundown of just a few.

1.  Batida
In a nutshell, Batidas is an alcoholic smoothie. Purchase at one of the many stalls dotted along Brazil’s vast stretches of beach. Ask for which fruit you would like and they’ll blend it with cachaça, ice and plenty of sugar to create a wonderfully refreshing afternoon tipple.

2. Vitamina de abacate
Weird for most northern Europeans but Brazilians class avocados as a fruit. All over the country Brazilians blend it with sugar and milk to make a delicious green breakfast smoothie. It may seem a little odd but trust us, it works.

3. Suco de caju
Suco de caju is a cashew juice served by throughout the country and again is very popular for breakfast. Pop into any pandaria (Brazilian bakery) and you’ll find ice cold juices for sale.

4. Caldo de cana
Only try if you have a serious sweet tooth. Caldo de cana is pure sugar cane pressed through a machine to create a juice. Some vendors add lime to the beverage to give it a little zing.

To sip on any of the above yourself please visit our Brazil Journey Ideas

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