Just another reason to visit the Galapagos right now


If you haven’t already heard, a volcanic eruption is happening right now on Isabela, a large westerly island in the archipelago.

Wolf Volcano has been showing some seismic activity in recent months, and now after 33 years of inactivity it finally started erupting on the morning of the 25 May. Magma flow can now been seen running slowly down southeast. It hasn’t reached the coast yet and the activity now seems to be decreasing in intensity.

This may sound scary to some, but the new eruption poses no danger to Puerto Villamil, the nearest human settlement, and scientists from the Charles Darwin Research Station say the impact to the environment will be minimal. The small population of rare and endemic pink iguanas are also not at risk.

Guests visiting that region of the Galapagos at the moment will be lucky enough to see some spectacular views, particularly at night.

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