Is Google Street View in Galapagos a Good Thing?

Floreana Punta Cormorant beach

So Google now is taking us remotely to the far flung places of the planet. The web behemoth has sent its camera crews to national parks and beauty spots such as the Galapagos Islands. Is this a good thing? Are there no places left to explore and go Into the Wild? Whilst I cannot deny there are advantages to the armchair traveller and perhaps scientists monitoring these regions, I can’t help feeling it is shame that the World has been reduced to a screen and a click of the mouse; not to mention the increase in obesity caused by humans doing everything online and forgetting the joys of actually walking around and exploring on foot. I had a look at the ‘Street View’ demo and whilst enjoyed the wide-angle shots of sea lions underwater this voyeuristic experience can’t compare with the joy of playing with these creatures in life. The ‘walk’ around North Seymour Island really is a pedestrian affair which strangely seems to have missed most of the usually abundant blue-footed boobies and red-pouched frigate birds. The Street View also omits the pungent smell of sea-lion poo and the sounds of the squawking birds – so I feel cheated and realize there is no substitute for visiting the place. Of course this opens up the Galapagos to people who would never be able to afford the opportunity of visiting the archipelago for real. Google have provided a useful tool, but let’s remember it is just that. Judge for yourself, go to Google Maps, find the Galapagos Islands and switch to Street View mode.

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