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The Galápagos Islands have an almost legendary status among biologists, wildlife enthusiasts and adventurous travellers alike. Galapagos Bradt bookAt over 1,000km from the Ecuadorian mainland, the flora and fauna of this volcanic archipelago have long evolved in isolation. Today its lunar landscapes still remain remarkably untouched by human presence, and visitors are stuck by the supreme nonchalance of the animals that wade, waddle and soar around the islands, from amiable sea lions to flamboyant albatrosses.

Galápagos Wildlife, 4th edition, is the most up to date visitor’s guide book to the archipelago. The lively text describes all the endemic animals (and more) and lavishly illustrated with superb colour photos on land and below the sea. All main visitor sites are described in precise detail with accompanying colour maps. This fully updated and extended fourth edition offers a colourful and informative guide to the island’s unique flora and its marine and terrestrial wildlife. Packed with fascinating facts about the species and their habitats; plus invaluable tips on when and where to see what, Galápagos Wildlife makes and engaging companion on the ground and an ideal souvenir. For all wildlife enthusiasts, contains over 140 colour photographs, written by licensed Galápagos naturalist guides David Horwell & Pete Oxford. Includes all major wildlife groups, from mammals to invertebrates, Island-by-island summary of key sites, with full-colour maps and extended section on plants.

This guide includes the most detailed descriptions and maps of the main visitor sites of any book in print, so you can see where a boat will land and what can be seen there – enabling you to plan for a rewarding visit. An overview of conservation efforts is also included, as are unique island trail plans for those looking to explore. This new edition covers all the latest information, from the discovery of an ‘extinct’ tortoise species not seen for over 100 years on Fernandina island and the discovery of new rare ‘pink iguanas’ on Isabela island’s Wolf volcano (the highest point on the Galápagos), to the change in taxonomy of ‘Darwin’s finches’ and the new species status of the almost-extinct little vermillion flycatcher. Bradt’s Galápagos Wildlife is the perfect companion for this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

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“Extremely useful, with a good section detailing all of the main visitor sites” The Daily Telegraph

“Bradt Travel Guides simply have the best wildlife coverage of any of the popular guide books” BBC

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