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  • Chile places to see - Patagonia (3)
  • Chile places to see - Patagonia (2)
  • Chile places to see - Patagonia


To reach the legendary land of Patagonia, you will have to fly, take a boat or the take long way round through Argentina.

The journey is certainly worth it as you’ll find pristine lakes, glaciers, icebergs, evergreen forests and hundreds of miles of vast plains under the clear southern sky.

Torres del Paine is one of the most stunning national parks in the world, where massive granite towers overlook turquoise and white lakes, guanacos and pumas roam wild and condors wheel overhead.

From the comfortable accommodation in and around the park we can arrange trekking in the wild scenery and bird-watching tours with naturalist guides. We would recommend a stay at one of the permanent eco-tents where you can gaze up at the stars though clear windows and wake up in the morning and step out into the most fantastic scenery.

Much of the landscape isn’t accessible by road so jump on board one of the longer expedition boats around the unspoilt wilderness of lagoons, fjords, glaciers, thermal hot springs and waterfalls. Enjoy unforgettable experiences like gliding silently on kayaks over the deep blue lakes or approaching a great wall of ice by zodiac.

For those who want more adventure we can arrange longer wilderness trekking and camping trips, horse riding and mountain biking.

Wild, untamed and unforgettable

When to go: November - April

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