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Peru symbolizes the magic and mystery of South America with Lost Inca cities, dense jungle and conquistadors questing for gold

The legend of ‘El Dorado’ the lost city of gold has been attracting explorers for hundreds of years with Cuzco generally as the starting point and it remains one of the most popular destinations in Latin America. Peru has 3 regions that you can visit on your holiday: The Andes, with massive peaks, steep canyons and ancient sites; The Amazon lowlands and the coastal desert to the West.

A Peru holiday is more than a visit to Machu Picchu, other striking Inca ruins are found in the Sacred Valley, close to Cuzco. The Spanish heritage is evident in flower-filled plazas, colonial cathedrals and monasteries. Natural wonders like the Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon basin offer awe-inspiring holidays of immense variety. In the vast coastal desert are found the enigmatic Nazca lines. For an active holiday to Peru we can include trekking, river-rafting, mountain-biking or even boarding over rolling sand dunes.

In the north among the lofty, snow-covered peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, hiking and climbing are popular or you can to visit archaeological sites, such as Chan-Chan. We can organise visiting any region you wish on a bespoke Peru holiday.

The Inca culture is still present in the people today; the colourful costumes are worn as part of daily life and even more flamboyant ones for the frequent fiestas and carnivals. For an ‘experiential’ holiday to Peru we can arrange home-stays which can be combined with language courses or to learn how to cook like a native. Peru’s cuisine is making waves internationally with a modern twist.

Peru’s cuisine varies from region to region. Other than the rightly famous Peruvian dishes of Incan cuy (roasted guinea pig) and fresh marinating ceviche there are many more notable dishes to try. Peru’s coastal menus are dominated by fish. Try escabeche, an appetizing fish dish made with sea bass, spicy green peppers, eggs, and cheese. In the highlands you will find an altogether different cuisine. Staples include corn and potatoes and lots of meat. A typical highland dish is pachamanca, a scrumptious Incan recipe of mixed meats, sweet potatoes, corn, beans and cheese all slow-cooked in the ground. We also highly recommend that you sample a few pisco sours, the famous national drink of Peru made from pisco, lime juice and egg whites.

When to go:

The weather of Peru will vary immensely depending on the month and region that you travel. Typically, the ideal time for walking and hiking is between June and September when warm, sunny spring like days are the norm. The wettest months are January through March. Due to this the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu isn’t open to the public in February. Mountain temperatures can get very cold, particularly at night so be prepared to take some warm layers. The Amazon, just east of the Andes usually receives a vast downpour of rain in the wet season so we suggest visiting between April and October.

All our tailor made Peru holidays are individually designed, but as a guide we can arrange a 12 day itinerary from £3,500 including flights

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1. Iquitos
2. Chiclayo
3. Trujillo
4. Huaraz
5. Manu
6. Tambopata
7. Lima
8. Machu Picchu
9. Cuzco
10. Paracas
11  Nazca
12. Colca Canyon
13. Puno & Lake Titicaca
14. Arequipa






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