Falkland Islands

This archipelago is 300 miles east of South America

Visit the magical Falkland Islands onboard one of our unique Antarctic cruise holidays.

Consisting of two groups of islands separated by the Falkland Sounds the Falklands have been likened to some of the windswept Scottish islands. More than 160 native flowering plants grow on the islands, 14 of which are endemic.

There is a great concentration of wildlife here, especially birds, with over 200 species recorded including the unique flightless steamer duck. Magellan penguins and gentoo penguins are some of the highlights on Carcass Island, while nearby West Point Island and New Island boast rockhopper penguin rookeries as well as blue-eyed shags and black-browed albatrosses nesting in the tussock grass.

Three species of seal also breed on the islands and are one of the highlights of the visit. During expeditions you’ll see elephant seals, sea lion and fur seals on the deserted windswept beaches.

The islanders who live on the Falklands are very friendly and the capital Port Stanley, a town of brightly painted houses, quaint tea rooms, pubs and historic museums, is worth a visit.

During your wildlife cruise, you have ample time to explore the islands with our naturalist guides.

A windswept wildlife haven

When to go: November to March

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