Antarctic Interior

Welcome to the last great wilderness

Antarctica is a vast, unspoiled continent that has challenged explorers and inspired dreamers through the centuries. It is a place of beauty and mystery, covered with ice miles deep. Here at Select we create unique, one-off expeditions and holidays to the Antarctic interior and South Pole.

The excitement will begin as you board the Antarctic plane before landing on the ice runway in the interior of the Antarctic and making camp at Patriots Hill. The comfortable permanent campsite is used as a base for exploration of the wild surrounding landscape.

We’ve got a huge selection of programmes that can be tailored to fit your preferences and skills. Have you ever thought about camping alongside Emperor penguins? What about climbing up the highest peak on the Antarctic continent, Vinson Massif or skiing down mountains never touched by another human or that last few hundred miles to the South Pole?

For the ultimate in exploration we can arrange to embark on a 65 day journey that traverses 730 miles from the edge of the frozen Antarctic continent to the Geographic South Pole. One of the most extreme expeditions known to man, an endeavour that will test; strength, endurance and resolve to the limit

Call use for more details or advice on our Antarctic Interior and South Pole expeditions.

We guarantee you’ll return a different person

When to go: November to January

“What an astonishing trip!! Words fail to describe Antarctica adequately. I can highly recommend SLA"

R. Higgs

"The whole trip was very well organised and a great success"

H. Bullock

"Life is art: paint your dreams. This trip has been our picasso, rembrandt, monet.....In fact our masterpiece. Thanks to david and team for setting the canvas to make our dream come true "

P & G Moss

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