Antarctic Peninsula & Circle

The sighting of those first icebergs as you approach the Antarctic Peninsula is magical

Experience this awe-inspiring and pristine wilderness of snow, ice of all shapes and sizes, waterways and mountains which rise dramatically out of the sea on board one of our Antarctica cruises. Long summer days are broken up with short brightly coloured dusk. Navigate the Antarctic Sound, or ‘iceberg alley’, where huge tabular icebergs drift north from the Antarctic Continent, as well as some of the most beautiful waterways in the world like the Lemaire Channel.

Expect to see a wide variety of Antarctic wildlife on one of our small ship expeditions.

Weddell, crabeater and leopard seals bask in the sunshine on the smaller icebergs as orcas circle and nudge trying to knock them off. Humpback and minke whales cruise majestically, coming to the surface to fluke before plunging down into the deep ocean again.

Enormous rookeries of gentoo, chinstrap and adélie penguins with tens of thousands of breeding pairs will be spotted. Blue-eyed shags, kelp gulls, cape petrels, snowy sheathbills, Antarctic terns and the mighty albatross are just some of the many birds found here in abundance.

The Peninsula is usually visited together with the South Shetland Islands; some of our expeditions venture past the Antarctic Circle where very few travellers have been – with more spectacular ice scenery and wildlife.

During the expeditions there will be many excursions in small groups by zodiac to explore this incredible land close up.

We also offer expeditions with land based activities from; camping on the ice, snow shoeing and ice climbing as well as kayaking across the pristine waters.

Holidays to the Antarctic Peninsula vary greatly. Get in touch to find out which options best suit your needs.

Simply awe-inspiring

When to go: All year round

“What an astonishing trip!! Words fail to describe Antarctica adequately. I can highly recommend SLA"

R. Higgs

"The whole trip was very well organised and a great success"

H. Bullock

"Life is art: paint your dreams. This trip has been our picasso, rembrandt, monet.....In fact our masterpiece. Thanks to david and team for setting the canvas to make our dream come true "

P & G Moss

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