Wild Argentina

This is a Private Tour

13 Days From £7,537 pp / $9,421 pp

An amazing wildlife extravaganza visiting both the Valdes Peninsula to view penguins and sea lions, and the Ibera wetlands to see howler monkeys, caiman and exotic bird life. You’ll also have plenty of time to explore Buenos Aires and the mighty Iguazu Falls.

Tour Includes

Domestic flights, accommodation, activities, some meals, English speaking guides, full ATOL financial protection.

Tour Excludes

International flights, travel insurance, items of a personal nature.


Watching noisy seals on the beach on walk in Argentina’s rugged Patagonian scenery

Horse riding through the marshy Ibera wetlands on a South American safari

Hearing the mighty roar of the Iguazu falls as you get closer and closer

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The Trip

Day 1: Buenos Aires – Arrive and transfer to hotel / Moreno Hotel
Day 2: Buenos Aires – ‘Four Balconies’ tour of Buenos Aires / Moreno Hotel
Day 3: Pampas – Transfer to estancia / Puesto Viejo
Day 4: Pampas – Horse riding with gauchos, polo or hiking / Puesto Viejo
Day 5: Valdes Peninsula – Fly to Trelew and Valdes circuit / Rincon Chico
Day 6: Valdes Peninsula – Wildlife observation and hiking / Rincon Chico
Day 7: Puerto Madryn – Wildlife observation and transfer / Territoro
Day 8: Buenos Aires – Punta Tombo and flight back to the city / Moreno Hotel
Day 9: Ibera – Fly and transfer to the wetlands / Posada de la Laguna
Day 10: Ibera – Wildlife activities in the wetlands / Posada de la Laguna
Day 11: Iguazu – Transfer to the falls and San Ignacio / Loi Suites
Day 12: Iguazu – Argentine side of the falls / Loi Suites
Day 13: Brazilian falls and fly back to the city


in the Paris of South America

First stop, breath in the glory of Buenos Aires where you’ll find the cosmopolitan vibe of fashion, art and tango. Enjoy a lesson with a private instructor and by the evening of your visit, you’ll be dancing the great steps yourself, alongside the city’s most eloquent dancers. There is no dance more romantic and intense than this, and some say few cities. By day you’ll be given the Four Balconies Tour of a city so you can get under the skin of this great metropolis, from the balcony where Evita spoke to the masses, to the graveyard where graves are built as big as houses. Your home will for the next few nights will be the Moreno Hotel located in the trendy district of San Telmo.

the Argentine outback

The grand planes of the Estancia deep in the Argentine outback is the next stop on this tour, where you’ll come up close-and-personal with real life Gauchos, South America’s answer to cowboys.  Ride alongside them on a cattle drive or sample a polo match in the great expanse of Pampas. Stay at the super exclusive Estancia Puesto Viejo.

take a walk on the wild side

We fly to the heart of the beautifully wild side of Argentina to Trelew the gateway to some of the finest wildlife on the continent. Sleep among the blissful sounds of nature at Rincon Chico. Immersed in this outpost of beauty you’ll be in easy distance of spotting whales, penguins, and our guides will take you to the best vantage points to get sneaky views of these shy animals. The town is steeped in history and one of the first European settlements in the country, still keeping the most curious of Welsh traditions. Our guides will show you a side few visitors see in the Welsh settlement of Gaiman, where you can sip afternoon tea and take a leisurely stroll in the nearby countryside. Rove among an area that exudes all the charm of a Victorian parish with chapels full of character, railway stations and cottages, all constructed in the rugged expanse of Argentina.

go remote

Go from one wilderness to the next and right to the heart of the legendary Ibera Wetlands and stay at the Posada de la Laguna. This was one of the ancient peoples most sacred spots, an intricate and fascinating waterworld that boasts some of the richest fauna in the country. We’ll show you the region in a different way, by leading you on horseback through secret trails. Our guides are qualified in showing you the very best wildlife here, taking you on an upcreek safari to spot the animals such as deer, howler monkeys, caimans and exotic colourful birds in their natural environment.

spectacular falls

End the holiday at the spectacular Iguazu falls. We take you to both the Brazilian and the Argentinean side of these great waterfalls, made famous in the film The Mission, where Robert De Niro teeters over the edge while strapped to a crucifix. Fortunately you’ll be spared that ordeal, but the experience is equally as spiritual. Stay at the luxurious Loi Suites on the Brazilian side where you can see the falls in all their totality, but cross over to Argentina and it’s here you can be up close-and-personal, so close you can almost touch the water. One of the biggest thrills is walking over the suspended platform that traverses The Devil’s Throat, a gurgling, spitting, rampaging flurry of water so named because the deafening roar is what the sounds from the Gates of Hell are feared to be.



"Life is art: paint your dreams. This trip has been our picasso, rembrandt, monet.....In fact our masterpiece. Thanks to david and team for setting the canvas to make our dream come true "

P & G Moss

"The local agent you arranged to meet us was great, very efficient and friendly. "

Mr & Mrs Clark

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

N. Hyman

"Excellent guide, who was really interested in our likes and dislikes made the trip memorable"

S. Moore

"All of the guides were brilliant, everyone went out of their way to be helpful"

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