Bolivia TOURS

Wild Frontiers

See volcanoes, lagoons, cactus islands, sandy deserts and deep red lakes surrounded by flamingos. The wild regions of Chile and Bolivia’s Altiplano

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In The Footsteps Of Incas

Take a truly cultural journey through real highlights of South America. From the Atacama Desert to cobalt-coloured Lake Titicaca, for the finale the train to Machu Picchu hidden in the misty Andes.

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Bolivian Revolution

For those who want to get off Bolivias beaten track but still enjoy comforts along the way

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Tiwanaku & Beyond

A journey through Bolivia’s rich and colourful past visiting some remarkable pre-Inca sites

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"What a wonderful holiday - I'll never forget it!"

H. Edwards

"A highlight was Salar de Uyuni, neither of us realised how spectacular it is"

W & S Andrews

"All I can say is 'wow'. What a fantastic holiday"

B. Henry

"Driving over the salt flats was a magical experience. Thank you"

A. Charny

"Lake titicaca is a must, well recommended"

K. Kelly

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