Casa Atacama Hotel

Casa Atacama was the first sustainable hotel in northern Chile promoting ecologically sound tourism, the responsible use of natural resources, recycling and conscientious energy use.

The hotel’s design has been geared towards conservation, with a focus on water conservation, low energy consumption and a solar-heated water system.

Immersed in one of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes, Casa Atacama strives to mirror its natural surroundings with interior gardens and terraces surrounding its 25 rooms. A spa, pool and Jacuzzi complete the picture.


"We had a fantastic holiday "

M & S Rochon

"The trip across the Andes was well organised and stunning"

K Morgan

"We loved it from the moment we flew in, our third truly memorable holiday with SLA"

J & K Cooper

"To the end of the world and back - we made it!"

P & G Moss

"We would certainly recommend your service your suggestions were much appreciated, it was excellent"

"We were treated like royalty, the staff were helpful & friendly."

K & A JonesJohn Doe

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