Easter Island Wedding

Congratulations to our romantic clients Jiun Tat and Shao Giee who travelled to Easter Island to get married! This ancestral ceremony took place in the shadows of the giant statues or moai, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is the most remote inhabited island in the World. This was one of our most unusual requests, but we were glad to help.

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The island authorities allow ancestral Rapanui ceremonies in the Tahai National Park. Bride and groom can get wed in local body paint and little bark cloth to hide modesty, or, as in the case of our travellers, wore more traditional white and flower garlands. Easter Island is annexed by Chile, where Spanish is the main language, but the native Rapanui people still speak Polynesian, so we can provide translators.

For wedding guests or any party, we can organize an Umu Tahu, a traditional method of preparing food in an earth oven with volcanic rocks. Local dancers can be hired for an authentic atmosphere. Any event on Easter Island is an excuse for eating, drinking and dancing…

If you wish to arrange your own wedding in this exotic location, or just visit do contact us.

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"What a well balanced holiday. Thank you for all your hard work and input"

D. Edwards

"Such a great trip. Thank you so much"

J. Bennett

"Riding the copper canyon was absolutely amazing"

A. Ruffell

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