Santiago is located in sight of the spectacular snow-capped Andes mountains range.

The capital is the fifth largest city in South America, home to 5 million inhabitants and centre of the political, economic and cultural life.

Though Santiago is a hub to visit the rest of the country, do not hurry out too quickly, as you will be pleasantly surprised with this modern Latin city. You will enjoy top notch museums and galleries, fine restaurants and a lively nightlife.

Our Santiago guides will show you the best parts of the city, the local markets to the museums and architecture; where to purchase lapis-lazuli jewellery or where to try a delicious fresh seafood lunch or to take a cable-car up the San Cristobal hill.

Head out of the town and you’ll see that Santiago is one of the few cities that can offer you a trip to a Pacific beach one day and a ski resort the next.

Nearby Valparaíso is a world heritage site waiting to be explored. One of South America’s most important port towns with pretty bright painted houses lined up and down its hills.

An exciting city

When to go: All year round

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