Pucón, the mecca for outdoor activities in South America


This small town located in the Chilean Lake District, 710 km south of the country’s capital city Santiago, is recognized for being one of the world-class destinations for adventure activity lovers. Once a summer destination for rich Chilean families, the town now is an all-year-round spot for people with a love of wilderness and adrenaline sports. It’s in a perfect setting on the shore of the Lake Villarrica, under the active Villarrica Volcano and in an area surrounded by a large variety of natural resources which enables tourists to have unforgettable experiences and a relaxing time.

There is a large range of activities including white water rafting, kayaking, trekking, volcano climbing, snowboarding and skiing, horseback riding, etc. These activities can be combined with a relaxing afternoon visit to some of the natural hot springs. Despite being a small town, Pucón has the facilities of a big city and provides high quality accommodation and delicious cuisine.

Although the main attractions for visitors are the adventure activities (in particular the volcano climb) the town has an interesting offering of cultural activities with indigenous Mapuche families.

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