Valparaíso gains accolade

In its latest edition, National Geographic Traveler magazine, entitled ‘The Best of World’, has chosen Valparaíso as one of the 20 places to visit in 2013.

Chile’s bohemian port has been praised by artists captivated by the beauty of Valparaíso. Now travellers have followed suit, carried away by the charms of its 42 hills, which rise steeply from the Pacific Ocean and its ancient funicular and hidden barrios. Valparaíso is featured alongside other world destinations such as the Crimea, Marseille, Malawi, Quito, Memphis and Thessaloniki. Valparaiso’s architecture, built upon hills, has gained it Cultural World Heritage status by UNESCO in 2003.

Today Valparaíso is also known for cutting edge gastronomy, design and hospitality, provided by its charming boutique hotels. Climbing through the hills is an experience that improves by getting lost within its nooks and crannies. Bars, cafes, museums, restaurants and antique elevators are just part of what makes this beautiful city overlooking the Pacific Ocean so special.It can be included on our Crossing the Andes and Plains journey.

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