Hacienda Venecia

Visiting Hacienda Venecia was one of the highlights of my recent visit to Colombia. Venecia is a fourth generation coffee farm set in a beautiful location about 30 minutes drive from Manizales. There are daily coffee tours where you get a full introduction into the history of coffee growing in Colombia. The owner Juan Pablo gave a detailed lecture on the story of the bean and its importance in the world. I discovered that Colombia exports its best coffee, something he is trying to change, so you can drink as much decent coffee as you like here. The coffee beans are roasted in front of you. You are taken for a walk among the coffee plants and into the warehouse where the beans are processed and placed in sacks ready for export. Included in the tour is a visit to the original farmhouse. After the tour, a great lunch is served with local produce. After that you can relax in a hammock or stay overnight.

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"What a well balanced holiday. Thank you for all your hard work and input"

D. Edwards

"Such a great trip. Thank you so much"

J. Bennett

"Riding the copper canyon was absolutely amazing"

A. Ruffell

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