Mad Max of the lake

From Guatemala’s town of Panajachel, nestled on the shores of Lake Atitlán, we recommend taking a boat to meet the Tzutuhil Indians. These are direct descendants of the Maya. Santiago situated between Tolimán and San Pedro volcanos, once capital of the Tzutuhil kingdom in pre-Columbian times, is still today the largest village of this ethnic group. Famous for its colourful hand woven costumes, people continue to make and wear these vivid traditional clothes: long striped shorts, red or white shirt, long woven belt and cowboy hat style for men; wrap with geometric lines draped around the waist, tunic embroidered at the neck, red hat for women. Another curious custom means worshiping a strange wooden idol named Maximón that likes smoking and drinking firewater. Maximón is hosted by a family who welcome the faithful and the offerings to the idol, in return he keeps away bad spirits.

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