Weird creatures from the Cocos Island in Costa Rica

The Cocos Island is a National Park located 550 kilometres from the mainland and uninhabited other than park rangers. The islands are particularly good for scuba divers who come to see the many populations of hammerhead sharks, rays and dolphins which pass through the region. There are however two much stranger creatures that also inhabit the waters around the Cocos Island; the rosy-lipped batfish and the frogfish.

Rosy-lipped batfish
The rosy-lipped batfish is known for its bright red lips closely related to the Galapagos Island’s red-lipped batfish. These poor swimmers have specially adapted fins which they use to walk along the ocean bed.

Frogfishes are masters of camouflage which they use to both protect themselves from predators and lure in prey. Some subspecies of frogfish can even change colour. Typically they move very slowly and then strike at their prey in as little a 6 milliseconds.

If you would like to visit the Cocos Island in Costa Rica and see both these species for yourself get in touch.

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