Bellavista Hotel

Bellavista is a dream come true for every nature lover and bird-watcher whose imagination is stimulated by the idea of a Cloud Forest. Started by a Colombian – British couple, Gloria, and Richard, in 1991. What was a 55-hectare reserve has now become a certified eco lodge with a 700-hectare private reserve.

There are few places like it so accessible. Bellavista offers vast views, rare birds, orchids, and other species. Bellavista offers comfort, tasty cuisine, fine wines, combined with comfortable accommodation. The original lodge was built in the shape of a geodesic dome with stunning views to the valley below. The lodge has four newer superior rooms and nine standard rooms all with en-suite facilities and full board. There is also dormitory style accommodation. There are two rooms away from the lodge in private cabins for more privacy and seclusion.

The owner and other guides will take you out on the various trails to see these birds and the myriad orchids and other plants. The area is home to around 300 species of birds, including the Plate Billed Mountain Toucan. Feeders on the balconies attract several species of hummingbirds. There is a feeder for mammals which come out at night. Of importance is the recently discovered olinguito, a relative of the racoon.

Bellavista is a unique place for birdwatchers to visit, but note the facilities are basic. The trails can often be very slippery due to the amount of rain that the area receives. Special trips can be added e.g., to see the cock-of-the-rock, antpittas, or activities in Mindo


"Thank you for all your help and care in arranging this most memorable adventure for us"

J Black

"The trip exceeded all our expectactions we've travelled to many countries over the years"

A Tennant

"The guides were very knowledgeable and very good company"

N. Pickering

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