Ecuador’s misty cloud forest

After a day or two in Quito, try one of our cloud forest escapes only an hour or two from the Ecuadorian capital. The views on the way down are spectacular mountains and steep valleys shrouded in forest. You can enjoy our guided hikes or on mountain bikes get deep into the heart of cloud forest, where it is possible see one of the rare spectacled bears. A new route, the Quinde Trail, will take visitors along ancient rural roads connecting Quito with the coast; these routes were used by intrepid travellers in the eighteenth century, for example the French naturalist and explorer Charles-Marie de la Condamine. Today it is easier to reach our Ecolodge in the Mindo Conservation area, famous worldwide for its bird life, such as the celebrated Cock of the Rock and the giant antpitta. There are also many orchids and bromeliads for botanically minded.  Plus the chance to relax in the warmth alongside the river, enjoying the sounds of the forest in this setting nestled in the peaceful Ecuadorian foothills.

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"What a well balanced holiday. Thank you for all your hard work and input"

D. Edwards

"Such a great trip. Thank you so much"

J. Bennett

"Riding the copper canyon was absolutely amazing"

A. Ruffell

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