Getting high – above Quito by cable-car

Quito’s cable-car takes about 40 minutes to ride up the side of the volcano above the city. If you have a half-day to spare we highly recommend this excursion. The Teleferico, as it is known, is a fairly new attraction of Quito. The cables sway up the slopes of Pichincha volcano to the summit of Cruz Loma, at a breath-taking 4,050 meters. Though there is surprisingly a shopping centre, handicraft market and even nightclub up the top, the ride itself is the main attraction. The spectacular view of the city and its surroundings includes more than 14 peaks of the Andes. If you wish to scale higher there are horses to rent or you can hike the trail to Rucu Pichincha. For the adventurous, some of the cable-cars have bicycle rack, take the Teleferico up, ride your mountain bike down. Do this as an option after Select Latin America Ecuador tailor-made trip.

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