Surf’s up in Ecuador

For the surfer visiting Ecuador it is easy to grab a board, book a lesson, find a place to stay and wonder where all the time went right before your flight home… The 1400 mile stretch of Ecuador’s coastline is in full swing right now. The season lasts until late April. Average wave height is between 2-5ft. There are a series of breaks between Salinas and Mompiche making a trip up or down the coast an adventure. For laid-back coastal hang-outs try Canoa, Muisne, Montanita and the other nooks and crannies that make Ecuador a place to visit and re-visit but we stress the country is not just for young beach bums.

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"What a well balanced holiday. Thank you for all your hard work and input"

D. Edwards

"Such a great trip. Thank you so much"

J. Bennett

"Riding the copper canyon was absolutely amazing"

A. Ruffell

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