Tikal & Flores

Tikal rivals Machu Picchu as most impressive ruin in Latin America

Like Indiana Jones explore deep within the dense rainforest to the magnificent archaeological site of Tikal dating back to 700 BC

To reach Tikal you arrive near the tiny island of Flores, perched on Lake Petén Itza, built over a sunken Mayan city. Tikal was occupied for over a thousand years during the height of the Classic Maya civilisation. It`s a sprawling complex of 3,000 structures including towering pyramids that rise spectacularly above the jungle canopy and its many plazas are alive with monkeys and birds.

The ruins of Ceibal, Aguateca, and Yaxha contribute to the Petén’s standing as the heartland of the Maya. Countless more ruins still lie shrouded by dense forest overgrowth in the Petén, which contains over 800 species of trees, 57 species of reptiles, and 500 species of birds. Tapirs, peccaries and jaguars still roam the emerald forests, just as they did when the ancient Maya ruled the region.

A region steeped in Mayan history

When to go: All year round

"Guatemala was the highlight – an amazing diverse and thoroughly beautiful country – I am sure we will return"

I Trundle

"Excursions were extremely good with very knowledgeable guides"

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