Hacienda Puerta Campeche Hotel

Secret alcoves and open windows offering views of an outside world of beauty. Stroll through our luxurious gardens, with stunning arrays of vibrant colours set against 17th century stone walls.

After the sun has set, wander to a romantic rooftop setting and indulge in the finest traditional cuisine while overlooking cool tones of blues reflected by the midnight sky at La Guardia Restaurant. Open the mahogany wood door and step barefoot onto the rust-coloured Mayan tiles of our 15 traditionally decorated guest rooms or suites.

Fully restored in original buildings with modern technology, the rooms feature 18-foot ceilings with exposed beams and rafters, comfortable beds, cool tiled floors or curl up in the cotton-woven hammocks and nap, Mayan style.


"What a well balanced holiday. Thank you for all your hard work and input"

D. Edwards

"Such a great trip. Thank you so much"

J. Bennett

"Riding the copper canyon was absolutely amazing"

A. Ruffell

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