San Blas Islands

The pristine Archipelago includes picture-perfect coral islands with white sand and coconut trees, surrounded by a sapphire sea.

There are around 370 islands, most of which are deserted and untouched.  60 islands are home to one of the best preserved indigenous cultures, the Kuna.

The Kuna people are so determined to protect their heritage that they have maintained their autonomy since the Spanish first arrived over 500 years ago. The San Blas province has its own government – the indigenous independent congress – and each island is run by a chief. Tourism is limited to only a few of the islands. With its turquoise waters, the white sand beaches dotted with palm trees and thatched-roof Kuna villages, the San Blas Archipelago is absolutely worth a visit.

The rustic lodges on offer are owned and run by the Kuna tribe who offer you the experience of discovering their way of life. During the stay you’ll have time for; swimming in the sea, snorkelling and relaxing on the deserted white sandy beaches.

If you enjoy visiting multiple islands in the San Blas we can charter you your very own catamaran. As well as visiting the different islands we can take you to some of the finest snorkelling and fishing spots.

An island paradise

When to go: All year round

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A Mackenzie

"What a great holiday. Thank you so much for organising it for us..."

C Forsyth

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