Akwadup Lodge

Akwadup Lodge is one of the most comfortable options to stay on the San Blas Islands. Spacious bungalows are built over the sea for you to enjoy the exceptional beauty of San Blas or Kuna Yala.

From your island lodge there are 365 islands at your disposal, most of them uninhabited with beaches of white sand, pristine waters, hot tropical sun, nights full of stars, a worldwide unique maritime flora and fauna and as if that weren’t enough, on the mainland you will find a virgin tropical forest with clean rivers and beautiful cascades. Last but not least, you will meet the amazing Kuna culture.

The Kunas at Akwadup are friendly and appreciative hosts. You will discover their thousand-years-old traditions, in their dances, their music, their language, their food and their way of life.


"Panama was amazing, so much more to see than I could have imagined"

A Mackenzie

"What a great holiday. Thank you so much for organising it for us..."

C Forsyth

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