Aji de Gallina Recipe


This delicious, slightly spicy Peruvian dish is perfect on a warm summers evening with a glass of white wine. Typically the dish is served with a side of white rich and potatoes. If you’re struggling to find aji amarillo peppers then a yellow pepper along with a smaller spicy chile will do just fine.
Serves 4

700g of chicken brest
1ltr of chicken stock
3 aji Amarillo peppers
2 large onions, finely chopped
2 cloves of garlic, minced
3 tablespoons of grated strong, hard cheese
4 potatoes
250ml of evaporated milk
35g walnuts
2 hard boiled eggs
Black olives
White bread
Olive oil

Cook the potatoes in salty water and allow to cool before peeling and cutting into slices. Place 4 slices of bread into a bowl with the milk and allow to soak for a while.

Add the chicken to boiling water and allow to cook for around 8-10 minutes until opaque. Remove keeping the cooking broth aside and allow to cool before shredding.

Remove the seeds and stalk from the peppers . Heat a frying pan with olive oil and sauté the garlic, walnuts, onions and peppers until soft and remove to cool.

Blend the sauté walnuts, onions, peppers, garlic, bread, milk and cheese until smooth. Return the mixture to the pan and add a litre of chicken stock. Bring to a lower simmer and add the shredded chicken.

Pour the mixture over the sliced potatoes and serve with fluffy white rice, boiled eggs and the olives.

To taste this for real in Peru, please contact us.

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