Amaz, amazon gastronomy in Lima


For the last decade the Peruvian chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, has been inspired by working with  Amazon ingredients, trading directly with local producers. Pedro Miguel has been fascinated by the variety and richness of the Peruvian jungle products; so he has  recently opened his second restaurant in Lima dedicated to re-assert Amazon gastronomy: this is Amaz located in chic Miraflores. He gives traditional dishes an Amazonian flair with the juice of the cashew fruit, cashew nut oil, banana vinegar, river shrimp and star fruit. Some dishes are cooked inside big palm leaves or served in giant bamboo. Another touch is to use raw heart of palm  to make a divine salad. Paiche, the giant Amazon river fish that can weigh 300 pounds, is served in the form of a stew seasoned with exotic fruit juices. Peruvian food has had a lot of publicity in recent years, but the culinary riches of the Amazon has been neglected. Talk to us about culinary experience tours.

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