Festival of the Sun – Inti Raymi

In Quito, you are at the Middle of the World and at an altitude of 9.186 feet, you are also closer to the Sun… In June, during the Summer Solstice, people of the Andes celebrate the Inti Raymi (fiesta del sol), and Quito is no exception. On Sunday 20th June (nearest the Solstice) everyone is invited to the Middle of the World City to join this party of the sun and harvest! In case you can’t make it today it is still worth a day or two visiting this World Heritage site on your visit to Ecuador or Galapagos islands. You can enjoy the parks and green areas, always full of life and cultural gems. In Peru near Cuzco the celebrations take on a huge pageants recreating the golden days of the Incas on June 24th. The festival is now the second largest festival in Latin America with an expected 200,000 people visiting Cusco.

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